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Working with Color Palettes header

Working with Color Palettes

You’ve probably heard about color psychology, and how different colors can convey and elicit emotions. When working with color palettes in design, these same principles should be kept in mind.

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Logo Redesigns

A Review of 2017 Logo Redesigns

Logo redesigns can make a strong and subtle impact. Logos are a critical component of a company’s identity. They are a simple graphic representation of your brand that leaves the first impression for your customer or client. To keep a brand current, many companies will implement a brand refresh, which usually includes a logo redesign….

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Why your business needs brand guidelines

A strong, consistent brand identity is essential for a successful business. A well executed brand helps foster credibility and familiarity among consumers.

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4 Signs it’s Time for a
Logo Renovation

No logo lasts forever. It’s true. Even logos for brands that are iconic and ubiquitous – like Apple, Starbucks and Coca-Cola – have undergone changes over the years. In fact, many marketers recommend that you take an objective look at your logo every five years and consider whether it has become dated and should be…

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