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Working with Color Palettes header

Working with Color Palettes

You’ve probably heard about color psychology, and how different colors can convey and elicit certain emotions. When working with color palettes in design, these same principles should be kept in mind.

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Hurricane Florence Volunteer & Relief Efforts

It has been over a week since Hurricane Florence made landfall just miles from our office, but much of Eastern North Carolina is still dealing with clean-up and unprecedented flooding. Our downtown neighbors continue to be affected by the rising waters of the Cape Fear River. Families throughout the region are being displaced with no…

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Why You Should Be Doing Desk Yoga

Computers are an important tool for many types of jobs, especially those in the online marketing and graphic design fields. But for those of us that sit in front of one all day, they can be hard on our bodies.

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Role of Color in Visual Communication

The Role of Color in Visual Communication

Color is an important tool for communicating – within our communities, in nature, and in advertising and marketing. It’s an element of visual language that people process almost immediately. Color ‘jumps out’ at viewers before they even begin to process what they are looking at. Because of this immediate impact, color plays a large role…

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Wilmington NC Brand Development

Why your business needs brand guidelines

A strong, consistent brand identity is essential for a successful business. A well executed brand helps foster credibility and familiarity among consumers.

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Digital Detox: Take Time to Unplug

Take Time to Unplug

Just about everyone knows that too much screen time is bad for kids and their developing brains. But too much screen time isn’t great for grown-up brains, either.

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Wilmington NC Business Card Design

The Case for Business Cards

Business cards have been around in some form for a long time. But are they still relevant in today’s digital age? We think so. Business cards are still a great tool for networking, acquiring new clients, and introducing your business.

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Wilmington NC Logo Design

4 Signs it’s Time for a
Logo Renovation

No logo lasts forever. It’s true. Even logos for brands that are iconic and ubiquitous – like Apple, Starbucks and Coca-Cola – have undergone changes over the years. In fact, many marketers recommend that you take an objective look at your logo every five years and consider whether it has become dated and should be…

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Full Service Marketing for Small Businesses

As a full-service marketing agency, our talented team can provide just about anything a new business needs to succeed in their marketing efforts. That includes branding, strategy, and print and online marketing.

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How to Stop Traffic This Trade Show Season

How to Stop Traffic this Trade Show Season

Standout trade show booths are worth the effort it takes to create them. Done well, they can gain exposure for your brand and introduce your business to new customers. They can be your way of commanding attention at a crowded convention hall. They can help you make a great impression with potential clients, and reconnect…

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