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The Case for Business Cards

Business cards have been around in some form for a long time. But are they still relevant in today’s digital age? We think so. Business cards are still a great tool for networking, acquiring new clients, and introducing your business.

Whether you’re at a conference, networking event or happy hour, a business card allows you to exchange pertinent information in one simple move. There’s no fumbling with your smartphone or hunting down a pen and paper. And, as an extension of your brand, a business card can help you make a longer-lasting impression.

Here are a few reasons we’re defending business cards:

They show you’re a professional.If you meet two people and one hands you a custom business card and the other fumbles to find a pen and paper, who would you rather do business with?

All your info is in one place.With a business card, you’re not asking someone to remember your website address or business’ name when they need your services a few days or weeks from now. A business card gives them all the information they need to contact you.

People save business cards.People tend to save business cards – on the corner of a desk, in a drawer or even in a Rolodex (yes, we still have one in our office).

Business cards require face-to-face communication. As great as email, texting and LinkedIn are for quick conversations, they can’t provide the personal connection of trading business cards. Offering someone your card requires eye contact, a smile and often a handshake. There’s no electronic equivalent to that kind of human-to-human interaction (at least not yet).

Business cards are a great addition to your people-focused networking efforts, but are only as powerful as the effort and thought put into them. Even a project that seems simple on the surface, like designing a business card, should take into account your goals and brand messaging. Don’t settle for a generic card if you want to stand out from the crowd. A graphic designer can make sure your card conveys the message you want in a unique way. They can match your other print and digital marketing materials, help you select a stand-out paper stock, and coordinate the production details of your cards.

Below are examples of custom cards our team has designed:


Think business cards have a winning case? We do, and we can help you create a card that makes a strong first impression. Give us a call at 910.681.0548 or send us an email.