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Wilmington NC Brand Development

Why your business needs brand guidelines

A strong, consistent brand identity is essential for a successful business. A well executed brand helps foster credibility and familiarity among consumers.

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Digital Detox: Take Time to Unplug

Take Time to Unplug

Just about everyone knows that too much screen time is bad for kids and their developing brains. But too much screen time isn’t great for grown-up brains, either.

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A Behind the Scenes Look at our Studio’s Creative Process

A lot goes on behind the scenes at the studio before we are ready to present layouts: creative kick-off meetings, research, brainstorming sessions, rough sketches, rough digital versions, a few rounds of cuts, repeat, some refinement, and then presentation time! For us, the creative process looks a lot like this:  

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Don’t Try This at Home

Do-it-yourself projects are meant to save money, but can end up going wrong, requiring emergency fixes from experienced professionals at an extra cost. A few of these DIY’s are pretty obvious, like complicated electrical work. But some ideas seem easy enough – like designing your company’s logo or website.

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