Simple tips for success with your next virtual meeting.Graphic Design Wilmington NC // b.Branded Creative

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Virtual meetings have become common practice in today’s new working from home world. Here are a few simple tips for success with your next virtual meeting.

Be on Time

  • Better yet, BE EARLY!
  • Sometimes conference links expire or passwords don’t work. Allow yourself extra time for troubleshooting.
  • Allow time to check your microphone and camera before the meeting begins to ensure they are working properly.

get dressed Get Dressed

  • You’ll look and feel more productive if you get yourself ready.
  • If it’s not appropriate for an in-person meeting, it’s probably not for virtual meetings either.
  • Pretend you are a news anchor and look professional waist up on camera.
  • No one will know you are still wearing your slippers.

save the snacks for later Save the Snacks for Later

  • Because you’re in the comfort of your own home, and the kitchen is only steps away, it maybe be tempting to prepare a meal or snack.
  • No one wants to hear or see you eating or snacking.
  • Save it for after the meeting has ended.

prep your surroundings Prep Your Surroundings

  • Turn on your camera and preview your video background before the meeting begins.
  • Create a neutral, professional space with minimal background distractions and good lighting.
  • Your coworkers don’t need to see piles of dirty laundry or clutter.

mute your mic Mute Your Mic

  • Background noise from everyone’s environments can be extremely distracting.
  • No one wants to hear your kids or other family members in the background.
  • The sound of people typing, shuffling papers, and eating can be distracting.
  • If you are at a coffee shop or another public space, keep yourself muted to avoid unnecessary background noise.

be present Be Present

  • It is easy to be tempted to multi-task while participating in a virtual meeting.
  • Fully engage yourself by taking notes in a notebook and writing down questions to ask at the end.
  • Make eye contact with the camera and speak clearly.

Virtual meetings can be an easy and productive way to keep everyone connected. Following these simple tips will help improve the experience for everyone involved. Schedule a virtual meeting with us today.