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Why You Should Be Doing Desk Yoga

Computers are an important tool for many types of jobs, especially those in the online marketing and graphic design fields. But for those of us that sit in front of one all day, they can be hard on our bodies.

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Digital Detox: Take Time to Unplug

Take Time to Unplug

I think just about everyone knows that too much screen time is bad for kids and their developing brains. But now research is showing that screen time isn’t so great for grown-up brains, either.

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Wilmington NC Logo Design

4 Signs it’s Time for a
Logo Renovation

No logo lasts forever. It’s true. Even logos for brands that are iconic and ubiquitous – like Apple, Starbucks and Coca-Cola – have undergone changes over the years. In fact, many marketers recommend that you take an objective look at your logo every five years and consider whether it has become dated and should be…

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Wilmington NC Marketing Agency

Tips for Your Content Marketing Strategy

In my last post we discussed how content marketing can drive an integrated marketing plan. Content marketing also can and should have a huge impact on your business’ search engine presence.

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